Cost-effective and innovative algae control systems

Easy to install and to monitor for algae in water

Fast-acting, proven ultrasonic algae control in water

Safe and environmentally friendly chemical free algae control

Our Algae Control Systems

We are the exclusive Australian distributor of EnviroSonic’s highly efficient ultrasonic algae control products which use powerful ultrasound to control cyanobacteria, non-motile algae (including toxic blue-green algae) and harmful biofilm growth.

All EnviroSonic units are environmentally friendly and use a safe, chemical-free algae control process. Our products fully comply with Australian and New Zealand safety and emissions regulations and carry RSM and C-Tick marks.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you control algae in your body of water - we have implemented successful blue-green algae treatment at locations such as council lakes, reservoirs, golf courses, fisheries and power cooling stations.

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Our EnviroSonic units have demonstrated success in field applications, and benefit from integrations with solar panel systems, and wireless and mobile phone technology for on-shore and remote monitoring.