ES50 Blue Green Algae Control System

EnviroSonic ES50
With a range of 50 metres, for use in ponds, lakes and small reservoirs
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ES50 Algae Control System

This EnviroSonic unit has a range of 50 metres, semi-circle from the transducer. It is easy to install, requires no maintenance and uses only 40 watts of power.

The ES50 is available as a mains power unit and is designed for blue green algae control in lakes, ponds, small water storage reservoirs, large storage tanks and on fish farms.

Envirosonic ES50 system for small bodies of water
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.)  What type of algae does EnviroSonic kill?

A.)  All non-motile algae (including almost all blue-green algae).

Q.)  Do you use chemicals to kill blue-green algae?

A.)  No, we pride ourselves on having a chemical-free solution to killing blue-green algae.

Q.)  How expensive are EnviroSonic systems to run?

A.)  A high powered unit uses 100 watts of 240-volt power, which costs approximately $250 per year to run 24/7, whilst our solar powered systems cost $0 in power.

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