ES300 Blue Green Algae Control

EnviroSonic ES300
With a range of 300 metres - blue green algae control for larger reservoirs and marine areas
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ES300 Algae Control System

This EnviroSonic unit has a range of 300 metres, semi-circle from the transducer, uses power of up to 100 watts, and is designed for blue green algae control in bodies of water such as larger lakes, reservoirs, power stations, channels and marine areas.

The ES300 can be mains powered or solar-powered. Two solar-powered units on a pontoon can be installed to cover 600 metres circle of control. This installation controls algae through the whole water column where algae can grow in depths over 7 metres.

Envirosonic ES300 installation at Kennington Lake
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.)  Is EnviroSonic safe for marine life/animals?

A.)  Our ultrasound systems are 100% safe for invertebrates, amphibians, fish and bats.

Q.)  How do EnviroSonic Systems kill algae?

A.)  The myriad of strong ultrasound waves between 20kHz and 60 kHz radiating out from the transducer at over 1,400 metres a second subject the algae to extreme cavitation stress, causes the algal cells to collapse.

Q.)  How long do EnviroSonic systems run?

A.)  24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and can be wirelessly monitored for convenience.

ES300 Algae Control Case Studies

Customer Review

Candowie Treatment Plant Manager declares “Since these EnviroSonic have been installed the results have been very encouraging, and we have not dosed our reservoir with a copper product for five years. Importantly there have been no chemical costs to treat the algae and minimal electrical costs to run the EnviroSonic as four of these units are solar powered.”

Cost-effective blue green algae control

Easy to install and to monitor blue green algae

Fast-acting lake & pond algae control

Safe and environmentally friendly blue green algae control