Safe Algae Control Systems

Our Safe Algae Control Systems

We understand that every site is different.  Water conditions, climate, shape and dimensions of the body of water are all factors for determining the model and number of EnviroSonic algae control units needed for optimum performance.

The team at EnviroSonic also understand how to control blue green algae and calculate the number of solar pontoons required to optimise the effectiveness of the ultrasound in treating the algae in each specific waterway. 

The ES50 has a range of 50 metres semi circle from the transducer and it uses only 40 watts.  This is only available as a mains power unit.  It is used in smaller ponds, for ornamental lake algae control, in large storage tanks and on fish farms.

The ES300 unit has a range of 300 metres semi circle from the transducer and can be mains powered or solar powered.  Two solar powered units on a pontoon can be installed to cover 600 metres circle of control.  This installation controls algae through the whole water column where algae can grow in depths over 7 metres.  

EnviroSonic can include GSM technology to mobile phone for on-shore and remote monitoring of lake algae control.  This is especially useful as the units are very quiet in their operation and this addition overcomes the need for physical monitoring. 

Although EnviroSonic is essentially self maintaining, it is recommended that a six monthly  inspection is carried out to ensure the integrity of the installation and to monitor signal strength.  EnviroSonic can organise this service. EnviroSonic comes with a two year warranty.