Algae Control FAQs


Here are some of the questions we are most often asked about our algae control systems, from the types of algae EnviroSonic kill, to the cost of running the units.

If you have a question about our ultrasonic algae control units which is not covered here, we would love to answer it. Please complete the form on the contact page and we’ll get back to you with all the relevant information.

Q.)  What type of algae does EnviroSonic kill?

A.)  All non-motile algae (including almost all blue-green algae).

Q.)  Do you use chemicals to kill blue-green algae?

A.)  No, we pride ourselves on having a chemical-free solution to killing blue-green algae.

Q.)  How expensive are EnviroSonic systems to run?

A.)  A high powered unit uses 100 watts of 240-volt power, which costs approximately $250 per year to run 24/7, whilst our solar powered systems cost $0 in power.

Q.)  Is EnviroSonic safe for marine life/animals?

A.)  Our ultrasound systems are 100% safe for invertebrates, amphibians, fish and bats.

Q.)  How do EnviroSonic Systems kill algae?

A.)  The myriad of strong ultrasound waves between 20kHz and 60 kHz radiating out from the transducer at over 1,400 metres a second subject the algae to extreme cavitation stress, causes the algal cells to collapse.

Q.)  How long do EnviroSonic systems run?

A.)  24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and can be wirelessly monitored for convenience.