Candowie Reservoir Algae Control

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Envirosonic algae control unit installation at Candowie Reservoir
five Envirosonic units installed at the Candowie Reservoir
Candowie Reservoir Envirosonic algae control project site

Candowie Reservoir

The EnviroSonic was installed at the Candowie Reservoir south east Gippsland in 2014 which is the potable water supply for Phillip Island.  The Reservoir is 1000 metres in length and 500 metres wide as shown on the map. 

This body of water is serviced with five EnviroSonic units which are powered by solar panels mounted on two pontoons.  They also have GSM monitoring and each pontoon controls an area of a 600 metre circle. 

The results have been very successful with current algae counts at minimal levels and no chemical applications at all in five years of operation.

Customer Review

Candowie Treatment Plant Manager declares “Since these EnviroSonic have been installed the results have been very encouraging, and we have not dosed our reservoir with a copper product for five years. Importantly there have been no chemical costs to treat the algae and minimal electrical costs to run the EnviroSonic as four of these units are solar powered.”