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Envirosonic ES300 reduces algae presence in Barren Box
Barren Box Envirosonic project site
Envirosonic pontoon locations on Barren Box site

Barren Box, Griffith NSW

Barren Box storage dam is an integral part of the water management for Murrumbidgee Irrigation.  It is approximately 16 square kilometres at its peak and was affected by heavy algae which must be controlled before release to the 660,000 ha of irrigated area of grapes, fruit and rice crops. 

A trial was initially conducted to establish the effectiveness of the EnviroSonic ES300 units in controlling this seriously high algae concentration which in parts exceeded 43 bio-volume.   Two units were placed in the pump out channel 400 metres apart and the Customer Results below shows impressive reduction in algae presence.   

Customer Results

Barren Box results shows impressice reduction in blue green algae