Product Specifications

We understand that every site is different.  Water conditions, climate, shape and dimensions of the body of water are all factors for determining the model and number of EnviroSonic units needed for optimum performance.


The team at EnviroSonic carefully chart the surface area of large water surfaces to be treated and design the most efficient layout, direction and juxtaposition of individual units. Contact us to determine your specific requirements.

Two units are available, which can be used in combination depending on your site’s needs:

EnviroSonic ES 50

This EnvioSonic unit has a range of 50 metres, uses power of up to 40 watts, and is designed for lakes, ponds and small water storage reservoirs.

EnviroSonic ES 300

This EnviroSonic unit has a range of 300 metres, uses power of up to 100 watts, and is designed for larger lakes, reservoirs, power stations, channels and marine areas.

How it works

EnviroSonic units produce a very broad range of Ultrasound waves at carefully programmed frequencies so that the maximum effectiveness in controlling the broadest range of Algal species is achieved. The team at EnviroSonic carefully chart the surface area of large water surfaces to be treated and design the most efficient layout, direction and juxtaposition of individual units.

The units can be supplied either in 240 volt AC or 24 volt DC supply. Where a mains power supply is unavailable (e.g. on a large water course, or in rural or remote areas), the units can be powered by a solar installation either on land or on a pontoon on the water course.

Photo of two Envirosonic ES300 DC units with solar panels mounted on a pontoon ready for shipment. These pontoons are anchored well off shore to give effective coverage across the body of water.  They are anchored securely so that they maintain orientation in inclement weather and for the rise and fall of water levels.


EnviroSonic has a 2 year warranty. When properly installed and maintained our units are designed for excellent longevity and reliability. Although our units are essentially self maintaining we recommend a twice-yearly inspection to ensure the integrity of the installation and to monitor signal strength (an ultrasound detecting device is available to check on the EnviroSonic units ultrasound pulses to ensure they are operating as intended). An on-site maintenance contract for the EnviroSonic team to conduct these inspections is available.