Candowie Reservoir Case Study

Candowie Reservoir South East Gippsland, Victoria

EnviroSonic was installed in the Candowie Reservoir South East Gippsland, Victoria, in October 2014


The reservoir, for potable water supply, is about 1000 meters in length, and is serviced by five EnviroSonic ES300 DC units, with four mounted on two pontoons strategically located in the reservoir to give optimum coverage of ultrasonic waves. The picture below is a double installation, with each transponder facing 180 degrees from the other. They have separate back up power supply and operate independently.

The results have been most pleasing, with current algal counts showing a reduction of around 75% from the date of installation, despite having incurred warmer summer temperatures. Nearby waterways have experienced algal outbreaks. Specific results are available.

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